Give yourself a wonderful experience

Immerse yourself completely in the harvest of Roses or Lavender. See the production from plant to essential oil in our factory in Turkey. Listen to inspiring stories about cultivation, harvest, production and explore what you can do with the end products. An unique program for lovers and professionals. A program all about cultivation, harvest, essential oils and how to use them. An inspiring program with our passionate senior Aromatherapist Joanne from the Netherlands.


All about Roses or all about Lavender or create your own perfume of essential oils.


A full day program for everyone who wants to experience a harvest, see the production process and wants to discover how to use essential oils in your daily life.

Course Aromatherapy

Learn in three days how to use essential oils safety in your daily life.

About us

Essentialtravel a collarboration since 1999 between Sebat a family company,  the Rose distillery in Turkey  and Geur Werkt Joanne Klein Wolterink a natural perfumer, aromatherapist  and educator from the Netherlands.

Let our program inspire you. Smell the lovely essential oils. Let them touch your nose, heart and soul. Create your own treatment and feel the power of these high quality oils. Everybody in the world deserve to explore the source of essential oils and to learn, feel and see the “journey” from farm to bottle to your home. Our intention is to give you a wonderful experience to remember forever.