Essentialtravel a collarboration between Sebat and Geur Werkt

In 1998, by coincidence, she visited the Rose region in Turkey where the ethereal Rose Oil is made. Her heart was truly touched. This region, the people and the Rose Harvest inspired her to start organizing tours.

Aromatherapy is in my heart and soul, its my lifestyle and I loves to teach and inspire people all over the world how to use essential oils in their daily life.

Geur Werkt

Joanne Klein Wolterink  since 1998 owner of her Dutch company  “Geur Werkt” is a natural perfumer, aromatherapist, Rose specialist and educator. She gives seminars and presentations about aromatherapy, natural frangance and all about Roses.


The Rose distillery Sebat in Turkey is a family company since 1950.  Sebat become the most preferred company in essential oil production because of their high quality production and ISO certification.

In 2002 they were the first company in Turkey who started together with farmers the Organic Roses. They produce eco certified Rose Oil and Rose Water. Sebat also has proved itself in production of other essential oils: lavender, blue chamomile, oregano and orange blossom.

Sebat means “Working hard patiently”. The company slogan is Sebat for natural life.

Sebat create the opportunities together with Joanne for all the people all over the world, for travellers, students and professionals to explore everything around the Rose Harvest. Rose Tours in Isparta is open for everybody.

Essentialtravel organizes and accompanies these trips in a creative, dynamic and unique way. All the farmers in the region, the workers at Sebat Rosefactory and our passionate Rose specialists will give you a wonderful Rose experience.