The Rose
Beauty and gratification for the soul,
love and strength, life from the heart.
For centunries has been a source
of inspiration for many.

The flower petals are rare, beautiful and soft, filled with the valuable “Gold” the precious intense ethereal oil. Her official name is: Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala. 

Rosa Damascena

There are more than hundreds types of Roses. Only a few contains ethereal oil. One of them is the Rosa Damascena which you find in the mountain and lake territory of Turkey. In the region of Isparta and Burdur.

This beautiful velvety fragrant Rose has been in Turkey since 1878. This special flower opens slowly at daybreak, greeting you with a smile and inviting you to smell and touch them. 

Isparta Roses are calling you.

The Rose wants to meet you. She invite you to touch, smell and taste her.

Your are welcome during the harvest.

Give yourself a heartwarming Rose Tour in Isparta.