Immerse yourself completely in the harvest of Roses. See the production from plant to essential oil in our factory. Listen to inspiring stories about cultivation, harvest, production and explore what you can do with the end products. 

Smell different kind of essential oils. Let them touch your nose, heart and soul. Create your own treatment and feel the power of these high quality oils.

You are welcome. Let our unique program inspire you to visit us. The Roses are calling you.

Every year in May and June region Isparta in Turkey is brightened up by a soft pink color. Time for the Rose harvest.

In Turkey in the wonderful lake district of region Isparta and Burdur there are many fields overflowing with the beautiful Rosa Damascena.

During the harvest in the morning, young and old people are in the fields for picking the Roses. Later on the day, the Rose petals are processed in our distillery to make Rose Oil and Rose Water. A fragrant and heartwarming process.

Essentialtravel create the opportunitie for lovers and professionals to explore the Rose harvest. We create a lovely program, so give yourself a heartwarming experience and send an email to Joanne.