Rose essential oil, the gold of Isparta

Rose Oil

Rose Oil is produced from Roses by distillation. For one kilo Rose Oil we need four thousand kilo of Rose petals, a full truck.

This pure essential rose oil gives a warm, soft atmosphere in which tenderness, goodness and purity can flourish.

Rose oil is a valuable product for cosmetics and aromatherapy. Rose oil provides relaxation, care and dynamics. It harmonizes our vital energy. It brings up the sparkle in every one of us.

Production of Rose Oil

The production of Rose Oil is by water vapour distillation. The Rose petals are heated in a kettle, by welling the flower leaves the ethereal oil becomes accessible.

The ethereal oil goes from the flower leaves to the water, carried to the surface and evaporates.

Water vapour with the ethereal oil ascends. The water vapour is cooled through which the ethereal oil is released and separated from the water.

Oil is not soluble in water but floats on the surface.

This way of distillation is precious and gives it the purest end product.

Traditional  distillation

Modern distillation