Getting away from the touristic places and see the natural life, enjoying rest, culture and nature. We create a special program during the Rose- and Lavender season for lovers and professionals to give a wonderful experience to remember forever. You are welcome to visit us. 

Inspiring program about cultivation, harvest, symbolic, production, essential oils and how to use them.

Inspiring programs with our passionate Aromatherapist and natural sense developer Joanne from the Netherlands. For twenty-five years aromatherapy is in her heart and soul, its her lifestyle and she loves to teach and inspire people all over the world how to use essential oils in your daily life.

Have a look at our options and let us know what you love to do

Day Seminar

A special full day program for everyone who wants to experience a harvest, production process and wants to discover how to use essential oils in your daily life. You will see and help the farmers with the harvest. During our factory tour you will find out different kind of production. In a creative way, our Aromatherapist Joanne give you a workshop about the end products and what to do with it at home. You will create a special aroma treatment and learn how to do this in your daily life. 

Seminar for professionals

For professionals (aromatherapist, perfumers, students) we have a special two days program. If you are interest in it, let us know, Joanne love to give you more detail information.

Course Aromatherapy
how to use essential oil in your daily life

In this three day course Joanne teach you about essential oils, carriers oils and hydrosols. You will see and learn about the different kind of production methods. You will smell different kind of essential oils and learn about the benefits. You will receive a lot of inspiration how you to make your own recipes for using these wonderful 100% pure and natural product at home safety.

Workshop all about Roses or all about Lavender

During this great and lovely workshop from 1,5 hour, you see, hear, feel, taste and create. Joanne will inspire you with these delicious scented flowers Rose or Lavender. She will teach you everything about the end products and how to use them in your daily life and how to create your own aroma treatment at home.

Workshop create your own perfume with essential oils

A scented and creative workshop in which you make your own unique perfume from essential oils. Joanne teach you how to create a perfume. The “composing” of a perfume is an activity in which intuition, fantasy and creativity works together. Will it be an exotic, fresh, sweet or spicy creation? Immerse yourself in the world of scents and discover it. The workshop takes around 2 hours

All the seminars are in English (or Dutch). 

If you want to be inspired by aromatherapy and it’s not possible to visit us during the harvest, don’t hesitate to invite our Aromatherapist Joanne. She loves to visit your location and give one of her wonderful workshops or seminars.